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Ecosoft P’URE mineralization filter for reverse osmosis filters

Artnumber: PD2010PURE
7.00 USD
Article: PD2010PURE

Key advantages:

  • Water enriched with the minerals essential for human health

  • Delicious taste thanks to included coconut shell carbon  

  • Simple installation with pressed-fit fittings

  • Filter housing made of pure European food grade plastic

  • Thoroughly checked for vacuum tightness

  • Applicable for filters produced by other manufacturers

Basic information

The Ecosoft P’URE mineralization filter is intended to enrich water with healthy minerals essential for human organism.

The filter simultaneously corrects mineral composition of water, pH and its organoleptic properties.

It is usually installed as the 6th stage of reverse osmosis filters.

Contains the blend of calcite and activated coconut shell carbon.

Pressed-fit fittings of the filter vessel ensure its simple installation and reliability.


Apartment or house inhabited by 2 to 5 people using domestic reverse osmosis filter.

Benefits of using the filter

  • Both safe and tasty water

  • Enriched with important minerals

  • No unpleasant odors or flavors

  • Sophisticated sweetish flavor of purified water  

The filter cylinder vessel contains filter media presented by calcite and activated coconut shell carbon. During the reverse osmosis filter operation water flows through the media which enriches the water with minerals and neutralizes unpleasant flavors and odors in the water.

The filter vessel already has pressed-fit fittings, so its installation takes 2-3 minutes. Filters of other manufacturers have screwed fittings requiring additional assemblage when replacing the post-filter.

Technical and operational characteristics

Standard size


Height, mm


Maximum outer diameter, mm


Maximum service life, months


Operational temperature of water, °C


Connection type


The Ecosoft P’URE mineralization filter for reverse osmosis filters is intended for cold tap water only.

The filter is recommended to be replaced at least every 6 months, regardless of the volume of consumed water.