Pitcher filters

NASHA VODA Luna green 3.5 L pitcher filter

Artnumber: FMVLUNAG
TOTAL VOLUME: 3.5 liters

The NASHA VODA Luna pitcher filter features:

  • access to drinking water at home, during vacations and business trips

  • legendary Ecomix® technology to purify water from common impurities

  • high quality for affordable price

Obvious advantages of the product:

  • fits into the door of refrigerator

  • flip for easy water pouring  

  • spout to protect pure water from dust

  • non-slip legs for extra immobility

  • variety of colors for different styles of kitchen interiors

Benefits of using the filter:

  • products will keep their essential elements while cooking,

  • natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee,

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale,

  • purified water can be used to water flowers.

Unit components:

  1. Pitcher filter

  2. Replacement filter

  3. Passport

Tap water is poured into the container on the top (funnel). It naturally flows through the special filter media (replacement filter) to be purified from various impurities, and accumulates in the tank in the bottom (the pitcher).

The pitcher filter is filled with the legendary Ecomix® media invented by the Ukrainian scientists to reduce wide range of typical impurities in tap water including:

  • Sediments – sand, rust, scale, other insoluble impurities of various size

  • Hardness – to prevent scale formation

  • Chlorine and chlorination by-products – water acquires taste and odor of natural spring

  • Iron – to eliminate metallic taste in water  

  • Toxic heavy metals – as a result, they don’t accumulate in human organism

  • Manganese – water acquires natural ‘sea blue’ color

  • Natural organic matter – to make water transparent

All the elements of the filter can be washed in a dishwashing machine.


The pitcher filter is intended for cold tap water only.

It is recommended to replace the filter every month regardless of the volume of purified water.

Before every filter replacement procedure it is necessary to rinse all the elements of the pitcher filter with flowing tap water.