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Pyrolox filter media 14.15 L

Artnumber: PYROLOX
Article: PYROLOX

Pyrolox is a natural mineral based on manganese dioxide intended to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.

Key advantages:

  • effective reduction of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide

  • high capacity of the filter media provides maintenance of low concentrations of the reduced impurities in purified water

  • rigidity of the filter media provides a long service life and low degree of abrasion

  • regeneration of the media does not require additional chemical reagents

Technical characteristics



Bulk density, kg/dm3


Real density, kg/dm3


Effective bead size, mm


Uniformity coefficient


Particles size, mm

0.85 x 2.36

Operating conditions

pH of the treated water


Bed depth (min.), mm


Service flow rate, m/h


Backwash rate, m/h


Backwash bed expansion (min.)

40% of bed depth

Recommended underbed

Garnet 8x30

The Pyrolox filter media operates according to the following scheme: hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese are oxidized and retained by the media with further removal during the backwash. The media is distinctively highly durable and chemically resistant.

Pyrolox can be used in combination with aeration, chlorination, ozonation and other methods of additional treatment, if the feed water contains high concentrations of contaminants, application of oxidants enhances efficiency of the media.