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Corosex filter media 18.7 L

Artnumber: COROSEX
Article: COROSEX

Corosex is a granular material used to adjust acidity of water and dosing of magnesium ions into the water. It is applied at high filtration rates to increase pH value of the water.

Key advantages:

  • one of the few filtering non-ion-exchange media capable to increase pH value

  • effective for water pretreatment in processes of iron and manganese reduction

  • used for water remineralization with magnesium ions without application of dosing systems


Technical characteristics


brownish white

Bulk density, g/cm3


Effective bead size, mm


Uniformity coefficient


Corosex is a specially processed granular magnesium oxide (content of MgO not less than 97%) used to neutralize acidity of water (to increase pH value).

Gradually dissolving, Corosex blends into the water as magnesium hydroxide. Along with that, in the intergranular space and on the surface of beads neutralization of free carbon dioxide contained in the water is performed.

Corosex dissolves in acidic environment, so it needs to be replenished in the filter regularly.