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Calcite filter media 15.6 L

Artnumber: CALCITE
Article: CALCITE

Calcite is a filter media based on natural calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Used in filters to neutralize acidity and increase pH level. Is most effective at low water flow rate.

Key advantages:

  • natural material

  • low uniformity coefficient ensuring maximum contact with treated water

  • low operating costs

  • low neutralization rate and consequently possibility to control the pH adjustment process

Technical characteristics


light grey

Bulk density, g/cm3


Specific gravity, g/cm3


Uniformity coefficient


Bead size, mm


During contact with Calcite water with lower pH slowly dissolves calcium carbonate until an equilibrium pH value is reached, when its corrosive activity is reduced.

Regular backwash of the neutralizing media prevents its caking and prolongs the service life.

The media is being gradually dissolved within the operating mode, so its volume should be regularly replenished. Frequency of the refill depends on composition of the treated water, its pH, as well as on the efficiency of the neutralizing filter.