Ecomix® C filter media 25 L

Artnumber: MIXC
Article: MIXC

Ecomix® C is a highly effective filter media for problem water. Intended for purification of tap and borehole water in order to reduce chemical oxygen demand, content of iron, manganese and ammonium, as well as to soften the water.

Ecomix® C contains five components of different nature and features.

Ecomix® C is loaded into the filter vessel as a blend. The components are self-classified into layers inside the filter during the first regeneration. For the regeneration, usual tablet salt is used.

Key advantages:

  • Application of one filter capable to solve all the problems of water purification instead of two three

  • High efficiency of the media for reduction of iron, manganese and natural organic matter

  • Low consumption of salt for the regeneration

  • Consistently high quality of water purification throughout the whole service life

Technical characteristics of the media

Maximum working temperature

40 °С

Service flow rate

20...25 m/h

Backwash flow rate

12...15 m/h

Brine (slow rinse) flow rate

3...5 m/h

Recommended bed depth

800 mm



Salt consumption

100 g/L of media

Brine solution concentration


Water consumption for washing

less than 10 L/L of media

Operational exchange capacity on hardness

0.6 g-meq/L

Acceptable indicators of the feed water quality










Chemical oxygen demand

mg O2/L





Operational range of pH


Maximum solids content



Performance of the media components

Inert media improves backwashing.

FerroSorb® adsorbent reduces content of iron and manganese.

The process of iron reduction consists of adsorption (fixation) on the surface of the media, oxidation, formation of active layer and autocatalytic oxidation. As a result, content of all the common forms of iron is reduced: ferrous, ferric, organic, and colloidal. Reduction of manganese is performed in the active centers of the FerroSorb® filtering layer where it is adsorbed.

The highest efficiency for iron and manganese reduction is reached when the water is supplied from the borehole straight to the Ecomix® media. Application of oxidation methods before Ecomix® is not recommended.   

The HumiSorb® adsorbent is intended for reduction of chemical oxygen demand with permanganate as the oxidant, and improvement of the water color. Organic compounds are reduced with hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions.

Ion (cation) exchange resin softens the water. During filtration through the cation exchange resin hardness ions Ca2+ and Mg2+ are exchanged into ions of Na+. During regeneration ions of calcium and magnesium are discharged into drainage, and cation exchange resin is saturated with ions of sodium from the brine solution.

The quartz sand provides uniform water flow through the media during its washing.

Regeneration of the media

During its operation the filter media is regularly regenerated with the solution of sodium chloride, as well as any usual ion exchange resin.

Stages of regeneration: backwashing, washing with brine solution, quick washing.

Ions of calcium and magnesium are removed from cation exchange resin during ion exchange into ions of sodium. Compounds of iron and manganese are purged by surface scour mechanism of FerroSorb® beads in fluidized bed during backwashing. Reversible mechanism of organic compounds sorption on HumiSorb® makes it possible to effectively run the regeneration with chloride ion.