Container RO systems

ECOSOFT MODUL-9 water treatment station

Artnumber: KA-9
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Article: KA-9

ECOSOFT MODUL-9 is a modular water treatment station designed for obtaining process and irrigation water in the agricultural sector. In addition, ECOSOFT MODUL-9 can be used for local drinking water purification supply of settlements, enterprises.

ECOSOFT MODUL-9 water treatment station is the ideal solution for seasonal enterprises, in emergency situations or in the absence of capital equipment buildings.

Key advantages

  • individual approach to the development of water purification technology

  • reduction of capital costs for building construction and communications

  • quick installation and start-up of equipment in place

  • in the case of seasonal use, the equipment can be easily mothballed and transported to the warehouse

Technical parameters

Capacity, m3/hour


Dimensions (height x width x depth), mm

2.6 x 2.5 x 6.1

Water treatment technology (standard scheme)

suspended solids and iron removal, desalination

Basic components of the modular water treatment station:

  • Sediment filters

  • Tank

  • Pumping station

  • Iron removal filters

  • Tank

  • Pumping station

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Insulated container

  • Pipe tying

  • Automation