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Filter1 polyphosphate crystals for anti-scale filters 0.5 kg

Artnumber: PT05F1
Article: PT05F1

Key advantages

  • Effective protection of washing machines from scale

  • Affordable price from the Ukrainian manufacturer

  • Economy of washing powder

  • Economy of electric energy due to clean surface of heating elements

  • Easy and convenient refilling

Basic information

The Filter1 polyphosphate crystals represent simple, effective and affordable means of protection of heating elements in home appliances from scale formation.

The filter media is intended for the Filter1 polyphosphate filters. These filters prevent formation of scale which reduces efficiency of the heating elements, and eventually might lead to their breakdown with no possibility for recovery.  

The filter media weight is 0.5 kg.

Benefits of using the filter media:

  • Longer and more effective service life of the washing machine  

  • No need for additional costly anti-scale agents

  • No need to call service manager, refilling of the filter media can be performed with your own hands  

Flowing through the filter media, the water gradually dissolves the crystals and becomes saturated with polyphosphate. The polyphosphate film covers the surface of heating elements and prevents scale formation. Thus, the heating elements remain clean.   

Polyphosphate is not completely dissolved by water, but its efficiency gradually fades. Hence, to appropriately protect the home appliances you are recommended to replace the polyphosphate crystals in the filter every 6 months.

Polyphosphate crystals replacement manual

  • Turn off water supply through the filter and make sure there is no pressure in the housing

  • Screw the filter lid off the filter housing  

  • Put off the mesh on the top covering the crystals  

  • Remove the crystals remaining in the housing, and wash the filter housing with tap water  

  • Pour the new crystals from the container  

  • Put the mesh back onto the filter housing, and screw the filter housing back to the filter lid

  • Turn on water supply

  • The filter is ready for further operation

Polyphosphate is intended for cold water used only for household (NOT drinking) purposes.

Polyphosphate must NOT be used to treat drinking water.

For effective filter operation it is recommended to replace the polyphosphate crystals every 6 months.