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Bypass faucet for Clack WS1

Artnumber: WS1BYPASS
Article: WS1BYPASS

With its functionality, this detail is capable to substitute a unit consisting of three ball valve faucets. This valve is used to block water supply to the filter, and to perform maintenance (system operation diagnostics) without cutting off the water supply to a consumer. It is intended for all the backfill filters with CE1″ and CE125″ control valves.   

Key advantages

  • easy and convenient to install at the control valve

  • simple design, long and reliable operation

  • maintenance can be performed manually, without special tools

  • provides uninterrupted access to water, even in case of filter malfunction

The key elements of the bypass valve are two faucets responsible for direction of the water flow inside the valve. The water flow inside the valve changes according to the position of the pointer faucets. 

Modes available:

  • Operational – water is supplied to the filter, purified and directed to the consumer

  • Bypass – the flow of water is supplied directly to the consumer without purification (bypassing the filter)

  • Diagnostics – the feed water is supplied to the filter, but is not supplied to the customer

  • Shut down – the water flow is completely cut off

Disassembling, thorough cleaning of the equipment and replacement of O-ring seals.

The service should be performed by qualified staff.