Components and accessories

Set for TWIN uninterrupted operation systems with 1″/1.25″ control valves

Artnumber: TWIN1
Article: TWIN1

The set is intended to redirect the supply of flows of feed or purified water during regeneration of the purification system.  

It is applied in all the backfill filters with CE1″ and CE125″ reagent control valves. Used in manufacture of the TWIN systems.

Key advantages:

  • easy and convenient to install at the control valve

  • simple design, long and reliable operation

  • does not burn out

  • connected without microswitch

  • does not create water hammers

Technical parameters

  • Connection size 1″

  • Material – noryl, polypropylene

  • Operating pressure 1.4 to 8.6 bar

  • Operating temperature +4 to +43 °C

  • Installed only on cold water mains  


Consists of an alternator and two sets of vertical adaptors.

In the TWIN uninterrupted operation systems two filters work alternatively.

To guarantee uninterrupted supply of purified water to consumer, MAV (motorized alternating valve) is installed at the permeate outlet of control valve. The MAV is connected with the cable to the special connector of the filter’s control valve. In the beginning of the regeneration of one of the filters the control valve sends a signal to the alternating valve to cut the water flow after the filter that is being regenerated. By this it blocks access of unpurified water to consumer, and supplies the flow of purified water from the filter that has started filtration.  

The set requires regular maintenance which involves disassembling and thorough cleaning of the flow distributor and other elements of the NHBP valve. The service should be performed by qualified staff.