Ecosoft high-pressure sediment filter 1/2"

Artnumber: FPV12PECOEXP
SYMPTOMS: Sand and rust
SERVICE: Manual filter replacement
INHABITANTS AMOUNT: Up to 3 people, More than 3 people
Removed impurities: Sand and rust
Power capacity: 0 - 500 kW
OPERATING MODE: With a stop for regeneration

Key advantages:

  • Maximum pressure 30 atm

  • 1/2" NPT connection type

  • Filter housing made of pure European first-grade plastic

  • Protection of sanitary ware and plumbing

  • Compact and easy to install

Basic information

The Ecosoft high pressure sediment filter 1/2" is intended for purification of cold water for household purposes from various sediments. Reduces content of sand, silt, rust, scale and other insoluble impurities larger than 5 micron in tap and borehole water.

Connection to plumbing is performed with brass bushings.

Capable to operate at high pressure.

Perfect for:

Premises with 1 bathroom, inhabited by up to 3 residents.

Benefits of using the filter:

  • Shower and bath with pure and transparent water

  • Sanitary ware will sparkle, plumbing will be clean and working well

  • Shower and Jacuzzi sprayers will remain clean, water pressure will be high

  • Your home appliances and heating systems will work longer

  • No leaks due to highly durable material the filter is made of  

Components of the filter:

  • Filter housing

  • 5-micron PP melt blown sediment filter

  • Bracket

  • Service wrench

  • Screws

  • User manual

The filter vessel represents a polypropylene housing (bulb) containing a replacement filter. Water flows through the porous polypropylene replacement filter which effectively reduces sediments.

The Ecosoft sediment filter 1/2" is intended for purification of cold water only.

Service life of the filter depends on water condition and volume of filtered water.

In the end of the service life the filter has to be replaced. Screw off the bulb with the service wrench. Take out the exhausted replacement filter, wash the bulb with tap water and insert the new replacement filter. Screw tight the filter housing back to the filter lid.

Installation of the filter should be performed by a qualified specialist.

To guarantee stable operation of the filter, and prevent accidents connected to pressure drops in pipes, it is recommended to employ a pressure valve installed into the pipeline right before the filter.

Characteristics of the equipment

Standard size  


Mounting position


Connection diameter

1/2" NPT

Connection port


Maximum capacity

10 L/min

Operating pressure

3.5-4 bar

Maximum pressure

30 bar

Temperature of water

+5…+35 °С