Ecosoft Scalex inline scale inhibitor for water heaters

Artnumber: FOSE200ECOEXP
Article: FOSE200ECOEXP
SYMPTOMS: Scale on household appliances
SERVICE: Manual filter replacement
INHABITANTS AMOUNT: Up to 3 people, More than 3 people

Formation of scale reduces efficiency of boiler or heater operation, eventually resulting in breakdown of the equipment with no possibility for recovery.

The Scalex filter:

  • protects the equipment from scale

  • saves up to 30% of energy consumption

  • increases efficiency and extends the service life of boiler or heater

Advantages of the filter:

  • Capacity of 20 000 L or 6 months of operation

  • High operational temperature of heated water up to 105 °С

  • Does not contain (poly)phosphates, is harmless for humans and environment

  • Protection from sediment

With the Scalex filter, you will cut the expenses connected with

  • boiler or heater maintenance

  • electric energy consumption

Boiler and heater will serve much longer.

The Scalex filter media releases specific volume of substance sufficient for scale prevention.

The filter does not soften water, but comprehensively reduces hardness protecting heating elements of boilers and heaters from scale engaging 3 mechanisms:

  • it stops the growth of scale crystals – special component of the media does not let crystals form into crystal lattice and deposit on the surface of heating elements

  • destroys crystals by breaking them into smaller parts

  • impedes crystals from connecting by covering them and thus preventing from sticking to each other

Nylon mesh reduces the content of sediments larger than 100 micron including sand, silt, and rust.

In contrast to polyphosphate filters, this filter does not contain phosphates or polyphosphates, so it is harmless both to human’s health and environment.

Technical characteristics

Filter capacity

up to 20 000* L

Filter media volume

100 ml


130 mm


65 mm

Connection size


Temperature of water flowing through the filter

4...30 °C

Operating temperature of heated water

up to 105 °C

Operating pressure

up to 6 atm

*depends on quality of purified water

The Scalex scale inhibitor is intended for cold tap water only.

Its capacity is 20 000 L or 6 months of service.

Please be advised that our tap water contains many various contaminants. The filter media is gradually being contaminated by sediments, iron and organic matter, so it stops releasing active components into the water. In other words, there still is active substance in its grains, but it is not being released into the water.   

Hence, to keep your boiler or heater protected at all times, you are recommended to replace the filter every 6 months.