Filter1 polyphosphate filter for washing machines and dish washers

Artnumber: FOS100F1
3.00 USD
Article: FOS100F1
SYMPTOMS: Scale on household appliances
SERVICE: Manual filter replacement
INHABITANTS AMOUNT: Up to 3 people, More than 3 people

Formation of scale reduces efficiency of a washing machine or dishwasher operation, eventually resulting in breakdown of the equipment with no possibility for recovery.

The Filter1 polyphosphate filter:

  • protects the equipment from scale

  • saves energy

  • saves washing powder and detergents

  • increases efficiency and extends service life of the washing machine or dishwasher.

Advantages of the filter:

  • Affordable price from the Ukrainian manufacturer

  • Easy and convenient refilling which can be performed with your own hands, without engaging a specialist.

With the filter, you will cut the expenses connected with

  • anti-scale agents

  • washing machine or dishwasher maintenance

  • electric energy consumption.

Your laundry will keep its color, shape, and softness. Water won’t leave lime stains on the surface of utensils, and they will serve much longer.

The filter represents a transparent bulb containing crystals of polyphosphate. Flowing through the filter, the water gradually dissolves the crystals and becomes saturated with polyphosphate. The polyphosphate film covers the surface of heating elements and prevents scale formation. Thus, the heating element remains clean.   

Filter characteristics

Filter service life

up to 6 months

Filter media weight

100 g

Connection size


Temperature of water flowing through the filter

5...40 °C

Operating pressure

3–6 atm

Maximum filtration rate


*depends on quality of purified water

Polyphosphate is intended for cold water used only for household (NOT drinking) purposes.

Polyphosphate must NOT be used to treat drinking water.

Polyphosphate is not completely dissolved by water, but its efficiency gradually fades. Hence, to appropriately protect the heating elements you are recommended to replace the filter every 6 months.