Avista Vitec 3000 Antiscalant 23 kg

Artnumber: VI300023
330.00 USD
Article: VI300023

Vitec™ 3000 is a liquid antiscalant/dispersant to prevent formation of deposits and disperse of colloids in thin film composite (TFC) and cellulose acetate membranes. The antiscalant is NSF certified by ANSI/NSF Standard 60 and can be used in the production of drinking water.

Key advantages:

  • Is a potent inhibitor of carbonate and sulfate deposits

  • Provides dispersion of colloidal and suspended particles

  • Effective for different composition of water and at different pH

  • Reduces overall system contamination by inhibiting precipitant of inorganic crystals

  • Economical operation of the RO system due to low effective dosage and reduced frequency of chemical cleaning

Typical properties

Net weight, kg



Light amber liquid



Relative density at 20°C, g/cm3


The acting of Vitec™ 3000 based on three mechanisms mutually complementing each other:

  1. Increased solubility of salts due to the threshold effect, which reduces the precipitation of poorly soluble inorganic salts (in particular, calcium carbonate CaCO3).

  2. Deformation of the growing crystals of inorganic salts, which leads to breaking them into small, irregularly shaped crystals that are not able to adhere to surfaces.

  3. Dispersing activity that prevents agglomeration and deposition of small crystals or colloidal particles.

Vitec™ 3000 antiscalant introduced into the water supplied to the reverse osmosis system by dosing equipment in an insignificant amount. The normal dosage range is 2...5 mg/L.

The amount of Vitec™ 3000 antiscalant to be weighed depends on many factors, including the quality of the source water and the permeate yield. To find out proper dosage for your application, contact Ecosoft product support.

To increase the efficiency of Vitec™ 3000 it is recommended to dose it before the replacement filters.

The maximum dilution of Vitec™ 3000 should not exceed 10%. If more dilution is necessary, contact the supplier for information.