Activated carbons

Filtrasorb 300 Granular Activated Carbon 25 kg

Artnumber: FILTR300
Article: FILTR300

Filtrasorb 300 is a highly efficient granular activated carbon intended for purification of water from undissolved trace contaminants, chlorine and chlorination by-products, humic substances, as well as for improvement of its taste and odor.

Recommended for application in domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment.

Filtrasorb 300 corresponds to the EN12915 standards, possesses the KIWA ATA Certificate and is approved by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Key advantages:

  • stable high quality provided by the production technology (preliminarily grinded carbon blend)

  • high adsorption capacity due to uniform activation of beads

  • mechanical resistance provides effective regeneration

  • capability to fast wetting and absence of floating particles provided by the agglomerated structure of the carbon

  • stable efficiency after multiple backwashing cycles provides longer service life

Main features

Iodine number, mg/g (min.)


Methylene blue number (min.)


Surface area, m2/g


Density of the layer after backwashing and shrinkage, kg/m3


Fraction of floating particles, wt%


Abrasion number, % (min.)


Moisture content (during packing), % (max.)


Effective size of beads, mm


Average diameter of a particle, mm


Uniformity coefficient


The media is made of highly effective granular activated carbon. Used for removal of natural organic matter, reduction of chlorine and chlorination by-products, improvement of taste and odor of the water.

Regeneration intended to regenerate features of the carbon is performed with backwashing.