Activated carbons

Aquacarb 207C 12x30 Granular Activated Carbon 25 kg

Artnumber: 207C1230
Article: 207C1230

Aquacarb 207C 12x30 is an extremely pure and highly active activated carbon designed for fine treatment of drinking and process water of high purity, as well as for treatment of water intended for manufacture of soft and low alcohol beverages. It is produced from special sorts of coconut shell. High purity of the media prevents secondary contamination of the treatment phases.

Aquacarb 207C 12x30 corresponds to the EN12915 standards, possesses the KIWA ATA Certificate and is approved by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Key advantages:

  • excellent adsorption characteristics

  • high purity - no fine particles or dust

  • high mechanical resistance provides effective regeneration

  • stable efficiency after multiple backwashing cycles provides longer service life

Main features

Methylene blue number


Ash content, % (wt/wt)


Iodine number, mg/g (min.)


Uniformity coefficient


Bulk density, g/cm3


Total surface area, m2/g


Hardness number, %


Recommended conditions for operation

Duration of contact with the layer, min


Bed depth, mm


Linear rate of filtration, m/h


Linear rate during backwash, m/h


Backwash bed expansion

20% of bed depth

The Chemviron Carbon Aquacarb 207C 12x30 filter media is intended for purification of water from chlorine and chlorine organic compounds, and removal of foreign tastes and odors from the water. Implementation of the media as a pre-filtering agent provides protection of ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes. The main area of its application lies in the commercial water treatment, the food industry and the production of electronic components.

Wet activated carbon selectively removes oxygen from the air. To avoid a hazardous situation, long-term storage of the media in enclosed spaces or containers is not allowed.