3-stage filtration system

Filter1 3-stage filter

Artnumber: FMV3F1
37.00 USD
Article: FMV3F1

By purchasing the Filter1 3-stage filter you get:

  • an unlimited source of drinking water 24/7/365

  • affordable price, maintenance and expendables


  • 3 stages of tap water purification

  • Softening and chlorine reduction

  • 1 L per minute filtration rate

  • Simple installation and replacement of filters

  • Compact dimensions

Purified by the filter, water preserves all its valuable properties. 

Benefits of using the filter:

  • products will keep their essential elements while cooking,

  • natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee,

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale,

  • purified water can be used to water flowers.

Filter components:

  1. Filtration module (dimensions L=400 x D=135 x H=350 mm)

  2. ‘Droplet’ ball valve faucet for purified water

  3. Feed water adaptor with feed valve for connection with water mains

  4. Set of color tubes (2 pc.) for convenient filter installation

  5. Set of replacement filters

  6. Service wrench to replace the filter

Feed water sequentially flows through 3 filters, and each of them is intended to reduce content of certain impurities.

The 1st stage is presented by the 5-micron porous polypropylene filter that reduces contents of sand, silt, scale and other insoluble compounds.

At the 2nd stage, there is a filter containing blend of ion exchange resin and activated coconut shell carbon. The filter reduces hardness, chlorine, toxic heavy metals, natural organic matter and oil products.

At the 3rd stage final fine purification with the activated coconut shell carbon block filter is performed, to reduce content of chlorination by-products and sediments.  

The ‘Droplet’ drinking water faucet is installed at the kitchen sink or counter, the filter is located under the sink.

The Filter1 3-stage filter is intended for purification of cold tap water only.

It is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months regardless of the volume of purified water.

In case there are long breaks (exceeding 2 weeks) in filter operation, it is necessary to disinfect the filter (see detailed description of the procedure in the passport).

When you are not planning on using the filter during a long period of time, it is recommended to turn off water supply to the filter.

To replace the filter, the service wrench is attached.

Attention! The service wrench is intended to screw off the bowls of the filter. The bowls should be screwed back in by hands only.