2-3- bathroom house

Chlorine reduction filter Ecosoft FPA 1465

Artnumber: FPA1465CT
Article: FPA1465CT
SYMPTOMS: Chlorine smell, Yellow water color
SERVICE: Automatic regeneration

The Ecosoft FPA 1465 filter is intended to reduce contents of chlorine and its toxic compounds in water, as well as organic impurities that color the water yellow. The filter is commonly used for water purification in 1 or 2-bathroom apartment or house inhabited by up to 5 residents.  

The filter represents a durable vessel filled with high-quality activated carbon FILTRASORB® 300 (Calgon Carbon Corporation, USA), and is completed with a multifunction control valve.

The unique control valve is developed by Clack Corporation (USA). It provides filter’s independent service, keeps constant reserve of purified water and doesn’t require any special attention.

Key advantages:

  • Fully automatic and noise-free

  • Durable and efficient operation during no less than 5 years

  • Low volume of discharge

  • Quality guaranteed by the international CE and ISO certificates

Benefits of using filtered water:

  • Chlorine-free odor

  • Clean water in every tap of the house

  • Silky skin and healthy hair

  • Condition and colors of clothes and linens are preserved much longer

Technical data:

Capacity (nominal), m3/h


Capacity after Ecosoft FK or FU, m3/h


Volume of activated carbon FILTRASORB® 300, kg


Water consumption during regeneration, m3/h


Regeneration duration, min


Water volume per one regeneration, m3


Required level of water pre-treatment from sediment particles

100 µm

Operating pressure, bar


Pressure drop in service mode, bar


Temperature of feed water, ⁰C


Power supply and consumption of control valve

230 V, 50 Hz, up to 30 W

Connection (male thread)


Net weight, kg


Filter dimensions (height x diameter), cm


Components of the filter:

  • Filter vessel

  • Clack WS1 СT multifunctional control valve (USA)

  • Calgon Carbon Corporation FILTRASORB® 300 activated carbon (USA)

Activated carbon is well known to be an effective sorbent with a large active surface. It is an indispensable component of every first aid kit. At the same time, activated carbons are also widely used in many industries to remove various impurities. In water treatment, activated carbon is used to reduce contents of chlorine, chlorination by-products and organic matter typical for surface waters.

The filter is connected to cold water source. Pre-treated from sediment particles, the water enters the filter vessel filled with active carbon. The carbon reduces contents of chlorine, chlorination by-products and organic matter from the water. The purified water is delivered to consumer through the riser pipe of the filter vessel.

When the filter media is exhausted, the filter independently starts regeneration, but only when water consumption is minimal, in order not to limit consumer’s access to the purified water. During regeneration, water is backwashed at high speed to clean the surface of the activated carbon by washing out all of the impurities, and then it is discharged into the sewer. After that, the filter can be again used for water purification. For regeneration, untreated feed water is used.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. If any problem arises, the valve will inform about the problem at the display with a text message containing contact information of service center.