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Wholesale Arkal 1" Short disc filter

The disc filter is intended for purification of water from sediments (sand, rust, scale etc.). It is applied for the primary purification of the water for domestic purposes taken from surface sources and groundwater.


  • original design to retain a larger volume of particles

  • long service life with minor maintenance

  • easy to use and maintain without special instruments

  • absolute corrosion resistance

  • larger surface of filtration


1 to 3-bathroom houses inhabited by up to 7 people.

Benefits of using the filter

  • pure transparent water in every tap

  • no sediments like silt or sand on the surface of sanitary ware

  • longer service life of home appliances, plumbing and heating systems

  • safe and pleasant bathing and dishwashing

Components of the filter

  • Assembled filter housing

  • Service wrench key

In the Arkal filtration systems the technology of disc filtration is used. The filtering element is presented by the set of special discs with various micron rating.

All the Arkal discs are made of durable polymer materials. On their surfaces on both sides there are diagonal rifles of certain depth and width which provide highly accurate and fine filtration.

After compression of every two discs, between them the volumetric mesh structure is formed, which represents the working filtering element. The filtering surface in such case is the total area of the surfaces of all the discs in the set.

During the filtration, the water is supplied into the discs that reduce the impurities. As a result, consumers get pure water.

The filter is intended for purification of cold water only.

Service life of the discs depends on feed water condition (degree of contamination with impurities) and volume of filtered water.

To perform cleaning of the system, it is necessary to switch off the filter, screw off manually the filter housing, and wash the discs with washing solutions or water.

Characteristics of the equipment

Maximum capacity, m3/hour (130 micron)


Maximum operating pressure, bar


Temperature of water, °C


Connection diameter


Dimensions (L x H), mm

130 x 233


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