We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries


Ion exchange resin Amberlite MB-20 H/OH 25 L

Article : MB20
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  • High deionization effectiveness  ?
  • Silica and carbon dioxide high removal rate   ?
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Amberlite ™ MB20 H/OH is a mixture of polydisperse cation and anion exchange resins for industrial water demineralization plants. The high kinetic characteristics and the exchange capacity of the MB20 H/OH components guarantee excellent results both in small laboratory systems and large industrial plants for production of demineralized water.

MB20 H/OH is a ready-to-use homogeneous mixture of cation exchange resin (dark colored grains) and anion exchange resin (light colored grains). MB20 H/OH allows to reach operation condition with minimal water consumption for the primary washing of the resin. Using MB20 H/OH for polishing water with an input electrical conductivity of not more than 10 µS/cm, is usually attained an electrical conductivity ~ 0.1 µS/cm of purified water with neutral pH.

Usually, the spent mixture is discarded and replaced with a new one. Amberlite™ MB20 H/OH can be used in regenerative mixed-action filters depending on the water treatment process. In such installations, the layer should be separated into cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin by reverse flow of water. After that, the cation and anion exchange resin can be regenerated separately.


  • Medical institutions

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Microelectronic production

  • Laboratories

  • Steam boilers, autoclaves

  • Biotechnological production

Key advantages

  • High degree of deionization (electrical conductivity 0.1 µS / cm is achievable in most cases)

  • Low water consumption for washing filters

  • Effective removal of silicon and carbon dioxide

  • High uniformity and consistent quality, regardless of the product batch

  • Mechanical and chemical resistance of components ensures long service life.

Amberlite ™ MB20 H / OH is a mixture of a strong acidic cation exchange resins in the H-form and a strong basic anion exchange resin in the OH-form.

The cation exchanger absorbs positive ions of metals and other ionic substances contained in the water, releasing an equivalent amount of hydrogen ions. Anion exchanger absorbs negative ions (bicarbonates, sulfates, organic acids, etc.), releasing an equivalent amount of hydroxide ions. Hydrogen ions are mutually neutralized by hydroxide ions forming water molecules, so that mixed resins have a high efficiency of water deionization.

The higher the content of impurities in the feed water, the faster the resource (exchange capacity) of the resin ends. Therefore, mixed action filters are usually used for “polishing” of reverse osmosis permeate or desalinated water after ion exchange filters. After depletion of the resource of ion exchange resin, it must be replaced with a new one. Unloading of the mixture from the filters can be carried out by hydrotransport or manual removal.

MB20 H/OH can also be divided into components and regenerated separately. In this case, the cation exchange resin is regenerated with a 1-5% solution of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, the anion exchange resin is regenerated with a 1-5% solution of sodium hydroxide. After regeneration, the resins should be mixed again until smooth.

Filter media Amberlite™ MB20 H/OH is supplied in bags 25 l.

Composition of MB20 H/OH is balanced by equivalents of cations and anions.

Recommended operating conditions

Water temperature 5…60 °C
pH range 0…14
Minimum bed depth 700 mm
Operating water flow rate/fast rinse 15…40 m/h
Backwash flow rate 5…10 m/h
Regeneration/replacement 2…8 m/h
Calculation of the filter cycle

FC (m³) = V (l) × 0,5 ÷ TDS (meq/l)

V (l) – resin volume in filter
TDS (meq/l) – total content of salts

Physical and chemical properties


Cation resin

Anion resin

Polymer Styrene-DVB copolymer Styrene-DVB copolymer
Matrix Gel Gel
Ion exchange resin type Strong acid cation 1 type strong base anion
Functional group Sulfonic acid Trimethylammonium
Physical form Dark amber, translucent, spherical beads White, translucent, spherical beads
Volume ratio 38-44% 62-56%
Ionic form as shipped H+ OH-
Particle size < 300 µm

≤ 3,0%


710 g/l