Ukraine and Ecosoft: 26 years together

The year 1991 shaped destinies of millions of people around the world. Along with other historical events, this year the young Ukrainian state was reborn. What do we remember from the 1990s? New words – military coup, perestroika, glasnost. Turmoil, deficit, suspense and confusion. But even in these turbulent times there were people who chose the right path in life for the long coming years.  

In 1991, within the walls of a chemical laboratory, in a narrow circle of six scholars, the idea of Ecosoft as the national expert for water purification was born.   

– The word ‘ecosoft’ represents merger of trends of activity of its two founders, – Tetyana Mitchenko, general director of Ecosoft, Dr. Eng., explains. – ECOlogy is my part, and SOFTware is the part of Alexander Mitchenko, Ph.D. in software engineering, first director of Ecosoft.  

The early projects of the company were related to development of highly effective technologies for purification of natural waters in Ukraine. Then the business was expanded with elaboration of solutions for industries: food, electronics, pharma etc. The number of customers was increasing, as was the number of partners, world leaders of the water treatment market: Dow Chemical, Calgon Carbon, Clack Corporation.

The company was growing along with the new-born Ukrainian state, surviving through all the ups and downs together with the nation. Ecosoft has built the water purification industry in Ukraine from the scratch: established cooperation among its players, implemented technologies, provided equipment, educated specialists…

At the present time, Ecosoft is one of the largest tax-payers to the state budget. Leader of the national water filters production. Image maker for Ukraine at the international scene. Literally every Ukrainian family, one way or the other, has been using the Ecosoft products. They are exported into more than 50 countries of the world.

Dear Friends, and this is what we call victory. The victory we earned together. Please let us congratulate you with the Independence Day of Ukraine. May we all be happy, healthy and patient enough to achieve new targets – still together, hand in hand, for many more years to come. Every one of us is strong, but together we are invincible!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!  

And happy Independence Day!