Perfect water for coffee with Ecosoft RObust Pro

Ecosoft presents the reverse osmosis system for drinking water purification intended specifically for coffee bars and restaurants.

Quality of coffee drinks depends significantly on the quality of water. The mineral content of the water predefines the degree of extraction of the elements that shape its rich taste and aroma from the coffee beans.  

The RObust Pro technology is developed together with professional barista to provide necessary content of the minerals including calcium and magnesium in the purified water. The water processed by RObust Pro has balanced and a bit astringent flavor perfect to prepare coffee or tea.

System’s capacity makes 1 800 L per day sufficient to provide a coffee bar even during peak its loads on holidays, when it’s frequented by the largest number of people.

The Ecosoft RObust Pro system represents the combination of quality, price and performance to run a successful business within the competitive market.