37% increase in production capacity

In 2017, the production facilities of Ecosoft will be expanded to 8,000 sq. m in Ukraine in Germany. The efforts are made to satisfy the growing demand for the company’s B2C products presented by water purification solutions of wide range: from pitcher filters to complex systems for the whole house or apartment.

Within the process of expansion, the company is acquiring the air emissions permit from the local authorities. According to the analysis conducted by an independent ecological inspector, all the Ecosoft plant emissions fall within the limits established by the Ukrainian government.

95.43% of the emissions are presented by CO2 necessary to provide heating of the offices located at the territory of the plant. For comparison, annual volume of this gas emitted by Ecosoft equals the volume of the same gas emitted by 50 cars or 1725 people in one year.

Being one of the key tax payers in the country, Ecosoft paid 43.2 million UAH to the state budget in 2016 alone. The annual budget of the town where the plant is located makes 62.7 thousand UAH. Part of the tax funds will be directed to the town budget to execute renovation of the local state boiler plants. This investment is planned to cut pollutant emissions from the boilers by 8 times.

For 26 years now, Ecosoft has been known to be socially and ecologically responsible business that is directed towards lean manufacturing and comprehensive environmental protection. The enterprise is going to follow these values at every stage of the expansion strategy.