2017: new product lines

In 2017, Ecosoft introduces its new products lines for the B2C market. The diversification is connected with merger of all the company’s brands under one umbrella brand Ecosoft. Within the process, the following adjustments are to be performed:

  • the low-cost Filter1 reverse osmosis systems are upgraded and converted into the Ecosoft Standard reverse osmosis systems, Ecosoft also overtakes the Filter1 sediment filters;

  • the medium class NASHA VODA reverse osmosis filters are upgraded and converted into the Ecosoft Absolute reverse osmosis systems;

  • the premium lines of Ecosoft reverse osmosis systems are complemented with the new Ecosoft P’URE mineralization filters AquaCalcium, AquaEnergy and AquaGreen.   

The reverse osmosis systems by Ecosoft will inherit quality of the former brands, and will acquire enhanced capacity, usability and design. The developments are performed in order to provide customers with higher quality products at lower prices.